I’ve been a certified personal trainer for 15 years and have worked with everyone ranging from teenagers to people in their mid-80’s. If you’re pursuing weight loss, increase in strength, or just a healthier lifestyle, I can give you the tools and programs you need. I train others the way I train myself. I look at what is best for each person for that day. I am here to open and show you the door that leads to your health goals. When you have made a decision to take a step towards your goals, your motivation is already there. All that is left is to walk through the open door and keep taking those steps.


I’m just like you, I’m a work in progress and i am trying to figure things out as I go. I don’t like the idea of having fitness, the gym, and nutrition rule my life and I know that most people are the same way. Real people are just too busy with their lives to become obsessed with the gym, fitness, and perfect nutrition. So I am writing out of my own pursuit in balancing my real life with health and fitness. I am not a professional body builder or athlete, so I pursue the middle ground with being fit, lean, as well as juggling being a mom, a wife, and working full-time on a daily basis.


Many people are limited by past injuries or chronic pain in some facet, which makes it difficult to know where to get started in your pursuit of health and wellness. Do you have an injury or a medical condition that prevents you from participating in regular gym activities? I have had very extensive experience with dealing injured joints as well as joint replacements in clients. I can help you come up with strategies to working around these limitations or in some cases, improve them through some corrective exercises. You can look into my online training! Online training with me includes training videos to accompany my custom programs.

About Me

We live in a world where you’re pressured to work like you don’t have kids, raise your kids like you don’t have a job, and have a body that looks like you have neither. In a society filled with extremes and impossible expectations, it’s difficult to find the balance in our lives. I’m trying to pursue that balance the same as anyone, and I want to share with you some helpful information while you navigate health and fitness in your life. I try to see through the bullshit and be realistic about what it means to incorporate health and fitness into an already full life.

Recent Posts

In Pursuit of Yourself || In Pursuit of Balance

“I am, somehow, less interested in the weight and convolutions of Einstein’s brain than in the near certainty that people of equal talent have lived and died in cotton fields and sweatshops.” -Steven Jay Gould

In Pursuit of Nutrition Balance: Why am I eating AGAIN? || In the Pursuit of Balance

I’m sitting on the couch and constantly finding myself wondering what I can eat next…. Sound familiar to anyone else? Please tell me I’m not alone on this! I’m usually on the go and busy with work so now that I am at home looking for things to occupy my time with, I feel hungry all the time. Is it because my body needs more food? Hell no!

In Pursuit of Normal: Four Ways to Help Cope With COVID-19 Quarantine Measures| In Pursuit of Balance

Right now everything is in a bit of upheaval. I’m not working for at least two weeks, but it will probably be more than that. I don’t have any guaranteed money coming in after those two weeks and it’s very stressful to think about. One thing about me that is just a part of me … Continue reading In Pursuit of Normal: Four Ways to Help Cope With COVID-19 Quarantine Measures| In Pursuit of Balance

In Pursuit of Potential: Finding and Growing your Strengths || In Pursuit of Balance

There are countless strengths and weaknesses in a person’s makeup. Personality traits, intellectual strengths, creativity, work ethic, drive, and coping mechanisms all significantly shape a person’s overall strengths and weaknesses. But it would be a disservice to you to compare your strengths and weaknesses with others and to expect you to reach the same goal the same way.

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